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Web Design & Development

Websites and Web Landing Pages are the launch point for virtual events. We can build yours or integrate into your homepage.

Video Production

Compelling content generates commitment and engagement. Present your mission oriented action clearly and succintly

Multi- Platform Live Streaming

Stream your event on YouTube, or Facebook, or both simultaneously.

Digital Marketing

Strategic use of email and SMS (text messages) to generate event attendance and participation

Online Auction/Donation Integration

Use a "State of the Art" web platform to collect donations, auction prizes, or sell "buy it now" items.

Project Management

Manage through the process

  1. Conceptualization
  2. Planning
  3. Media Creation
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Recruitment & Registration
  6. LiveStreaming the Event

We'd love to Discuss Your Event

All Events are imagined before they can be conceived, planned and staged.  Share what you imagine with us. We'll help you create it. Successful "virtual" fundraiser's begin with an idea and conversation. Contact us to discuss yours.