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"These Are Times That Try Men's Souls!"
Thomas Paine

The world has changed! We are forced to change with it. "In-person' events that were so commonplace are now fraught with extraordinary risk. Pivoting to "virtual" is absolutely necessary. Fear not, it can be done, successfully, One Chicago non-profit switched to a virtual fundraising Benefit (in 90 days) and raised $1.4 million (net). And, in doing so, shed $350,000 of expenses.

Virtual events are usually much less expensive than in-person convenings, sparing the cost of space rental, meals, airfare, lodging, etc.

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The pandemic forced the Misericordia Family Association's 60th Annual Benefit to switch to a "Virtual" Format. Result: $1.4 million, in net proceeds exceeding that of the previous year!

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Chicago Tribune Columnist,Candace Jordan
covers the MFA Virtual Benefit

Sample Live Stream View

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What Participants Say . . .

Committee: this is amazing. I am in awe and thankful for your incredible efforts under such challenging circumstances.

Gaylord V.

Outstanding job to those who put all of this together. This is amazing! Thank you, Jim, for putting thia online celebration together.

Mary J. & Elizabeth C.

Sr. Rosemary and all the residents and staff are happy to see all of you here tonight! Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy our first ever virtual event!! #MisericordiaStrong

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